Human Reflections

Lessons from Yoga and Code: the Value of Working Slow

Slowing down has been hard for me this holiday season. There’s something addictive about the thrill of being in a super-productive flow. The thoughts are firing like a pinball machine on speed…and they’re all landing right where you want them to. You’re in the…

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DataKind Donation

Dear followers of the very first hour, Thank you for signing up to this blog and showing your interest in content that walks the line between actionable data-crunching insight and thoughtful human reflection on the (digital) realities we find ourselves in. When I launched…

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The Numbers are keeping me awake at night

I didn’t sleep well last night. Like, at all. I hyped myself up all day launching this blog and then obsessed on checking my Twitter and website stats to see how it was doing. I want this thing to be a success, damn it!…

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How I Work in Tech and Stay Sane

Over the past year, I’ve gone from working with my hands building contemporary art shows to full-time screen-based work: coding and creating digital content and working fully-remote. (Here’s how I made that switch…) It’s been a massive transition that was pretty overwhelming to my…

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From Zero to Tech Evangelist in One Year

It hit me today that I wrote my first-ever Python code just over a year ago (!)  I had to stop and really think about that for a moment because I’m now an Evangelist at Coiled, which means I get to paid to spend…

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A blog for Crunching Humans

We all know the feeling. That nagging tension between the self you inhabit at work and, well…all the rest of you. That push-and-pull between being ‘professional’ and opening up at some deeper level. Between the polished marketing-speak laced with impressive buzzwords (left) and the…

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