A blog for Crunching Humans

We all know the feeling.

That nagging tension between the self you inhabit at work and, well…all the rest of you.

That push-and-pull between being ‘professional’ and opening up at some deeper level. Between the polished marketing-speak laced with impressive buzzwords (left) and the authentic storylines rife with messy vulnerability (right).

To some extent it’s unavoidable, maybe even necessary. But in conversations with friends all around I’m sensing a possibility for more authenticity and vulnerability in the places where we work, a change in our posture as it relates to what it means to ‘be professional’ and ‘deliver’. Vulnerability is starting to be seen for the asset that it is – rather than a threat or sign of weakness. And with that vulnerability comes the courage to openly walk the line between our serious and our soulful, silly selves.

And so, inspired by some courageous people* both near and far I am starting this blog, CrunchCrunchHuman, to give you two things at once: practical data-crunching solutions and thoughtful human reflections. The thinking is this: I’m a human who spends a lot of time crunching data and I like sharing what I discover and ponder about along the way.

The code will be focussed mostly on Python for data science, the thoughts will probably range far and wide across the spectrum of my feral curiosity: from healthy digital habits, to attempts to code our way out of climate change, to reflections on polyamory and capitalism.

It’s an experiment.

Let me know what you think 🙂

* incomplete list of people and pages who inspired me to start this blog:

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